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Processing payroll is a task that all companies must face. For the person who handles this responsibility, it is often a thankless job. If it is done perfectly, will be no feedback, but if it is done poorly, there will be plenty of feedback from employees, accountants, benefits administrators, and various government agencies. Pennsylvania Payroll handles all of your payroll processing needs.

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Human Resources

Experience, Accuracy, and Value

At Pennsylvania Payroll, we recognize that your employees are your most important asset, so we are pleased to provide an easy, intuitive, and powerful way to organize and maintain a secure database of employee information. With a human resources information system (HRIS) from Pennsylvania Payroll, your HR staff will be able to focus on managing your employees rather than managing their paperwork.

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Employee Benefits

Cutting-Edge Software, Personalized Service

Pennsylvania Payroll will change the way you manage your employee benefits with state-of-the-art employee benefits administration software which is both highly flexible and very easy to use. Our employee benefits utilities and individualized service take the hassle out of employee benefits, enabling you and your staff to devote all of your time and energy to managing and growing your business.

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For All of Your Employer Services Needs

Providing comprehensive employer services administration along with our signature personalized customer service, Pennsylvania Payroll is your source for the management of human resources, employee benefits, scheduling, time and attendance systems, workers' compensation, health insurance, background checks, applicant information tracking, and much more for clients throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Welcome to Pennsylvania Payroll

Pennsylvania Payroll is your trusted source for a comprehensive set of employer services with a level of personal attention that is becoming more and more rare in the current business climate. We recognize that payroll processing, handling HR concerns, choosing and managing insurance and benefits, and tracking employee time and attendance are all necessary yet thankless tasks every company must perform.

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Delivering HR Services Beyond Payroll

At Pennsylvania Payroll, we understand that there are many varying demands placed on payroll and HR personnel that extend beyond simply cutting paychecks. That’s why we also provide many other related services: to help you stay focused on your business’s success. Rely on Pennsylvania Payroll for:

Our goal is to handle all of your payroll, insurance, and human resources-related requirement so that you can enjoy peace of mind and your staff can concentrate on serving your clients. We deliver the utmost in value by taking these obligations off of your plate and by using our expertise to find ways to save you money while keeping you HR compliant.

What Pennsylvania
Payroll Does Not
Want You To Do

  • No paper timesheets
  • No manually entering into your GL
  • No schedules hung up on your wall
  • No keying in your 401k data to your provider
  • No paper time off request slips

Ready to Get Started?

Call us today at 570-366-5377 or contact us to learn more about us, the services we provide, and the ways in which we can save you money while making your business more efficient.

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Pennsylvania Payroll and Employer Services Solutions is an expert provider of payroll management, HR administration, and many other employer-related services to clients in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states with unmatched personal service and remote-operation capabilities.