Background Checks from Pennsylvania Payroll

Studies have suggested that as many as a third of job applicants have hidden criminal records, driving records, false prior employment details, or misleading education information on their resumes or job applications. At Pennsylvania Payroll, part of our quality human resources management services includes fast, accurate, and inexpensive pre-employment screening services which will help you find the truth before you hire the wrong applicant.

Our web-based SelectScreen service is your quick, easy, and cost-effective source for pre-employment screening searches nationwide. Get the facts up front, and benefit from lower turnover, less vulnerability to litigation, and protection of your assets with trusted information including:

  • Criminal Records
  • Driving Records
  • Education Verification
  • Certification Verification
  • Employment Check
  • Credit Records
  • Personal References Check
  • Workers’ Comp Claims

In today’s highly-competitive job market, both time and accuracy have become crucial factors to the pre-employment screening process. Ensuring that you are picking the right candidates quickly and consistently is essential to keeping your business out in front of the competition, so choose SelectScreen from Pennsylvania Payroll for all of your pre-employment screening needs.

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