Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Administration

With Pennsylvania Payroll, you get our cutting-edge benefits administration software system which is designed specifically to handle a wide variety of employee benefit management needs. We help you automate the processes for determining your staff’s eligibility for benefits, calculating premiums, setting payroll deductions, and more, so you and your staff can focus on the more important issues your business is facing.

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Key Features of Our Employee Benefits Administration System:

  • Track Payroll Deductions and Also the Actual Cost of Benefit Expenditures
  • Plan Names, Premiums, and Descriptions are Clearly Displayed
  • Change Plan Rates in One Place to Update All Employees’ Records
  • Easy-to-Read Breakdowns of Employee Benefit Enrollment and Eligibility
  • Automatically Deduct Benefit Costs for Out-of-Work Employees
  • Track Employer Match on 401K Plans
  • Leave Time Management and Tracking of Leave Accrual Plan Factors

When you call on Pennsylvania Payroll for your employee benefits administration needs, you don’t just receive our state-of-the-art software and big-company resources, you also enjoy a level of individualized, hometown service you simply cannot find with other firms. We understand that every company is different and must be treated as an individual. Our approach is to build personal relationships with each of our clients, and we take pride in serving all of our clients’ unique needs, regardless of the challenges they are experiencing.


Saving You Time While Delivering Peace of Mind

Payroll and HR considerations affect every part of a company, and we understand that resources are limited for every business, from large, established organizations to startups and small businesses. That’s why we formed Pennsylvania Payroll: to support your existing HR personnel or assume their responsibilities entirely, saving your business time, manpower, and money. Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients’ unique needs and deliver the most value possible.

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What Pennsylvania
Payroll Does Not
Want You To Do

  • No paper timesheets
  • No manually entering into your GL
  • No schedules hung up on your wall
  • No keying in your 401k data to your provider
  • No paper time off request slips

Call us today at 570-366-5377 or contact us to learn more about us, the services we provide, and the ways in which we can save you money while making your business more effective.

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