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Human Resources Management Services

No matter what your industry, your employees are your company’s most critical asset, and managing your human resources considerations takes significant time and effort. With a human resources information system (HRIS) from Pennsylvania Payroll, however, you will gain an easy, intuitive, and powerful way to organize and maintain a secure database of employee information.

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Pennsylvania Payroll’s HRIS Offers the Following Key Features:

  • Remotely Access Your HR Files
  • Scan Physical Documents and Attach Them to Workers’ Records
  • Add Comments to Any Scanned and Digital Documents
  • Track Company Property Which has Been Issued to Employees
  • Track Disciplinary Action: Who Addressed Each Issue and What Actions were Taken
  • Track All Information about Employees’ Dependents
  • Store Performance Reviews and Schedule Employees for New Reviews
  • Maintain and Update License Information for Licensed Workers
  • Associate an Unlimited Number of Emergency Contacts with Each Worker
  • Store and Update Complete Employee Info
  • Employment Records: Hire Date, Service Interruptions, Termination Dates, Etc.
  • Track Employee Preferences, Medical Restrictions, and Work Availability
  • User Fields: Tailored to Each User’s Specific Requirements
  • Employee Self Service: Employees can Access and Update Their Information Online
  • Track Applicants and Easily Transition Them to an Employee in the System
  • Track Employee Tax and Withholding Information for I-9s, W-2s, and More

With the advantages of our digital, online-accessible human resources information system, your HR staff will be able to focus on managing your employees rather than managing their paperwork. At Pennsylvania Payroll, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will do much more than simply install your system: we are proud to provide personalized ongoing support to ensure you continue to make the best use of your system possible. Best of all, our HRIS is the same system we use for payroll and benefits, which streamlines these processes, reduces the possibility for errors, and saves considerable time, effort, and money.


Saving You Time While Delivering Peace of Mind

Payroll and HR considerations affect every part of a company, and we understand that resources are limited for every business, from large, established organizations to startups and small businesses. That’s why we formed Pennsylvania Payroll: to support your existing HR personnel or assume their responsibilities entirely, saving your business time, manpower, and money. Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients’ unique needs and deliver the most value possible.

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What Pennsylvania
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Want You To Do

  • No paper timesheets
  • No manually entering into your GL
  • No schedules hung up on your wall
  • No keying in your 401k data to your provider
  • No paper time off request slips

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