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Although employee payroll might be your company’s biggest capital expense, it does not have to be your biggest administrative hassle. At Pennsylvania Payroll, we specialize in providing cutting-edge payroll management solutions and all of the personalized support you need to take control of your company’s payroll administration.

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Quality Payroll Management Systems from Pennsylvania Payroll Include These Features:

  • Track Payroll Dollars by Department, Position, Location, Organization, or Any Other Variable
  • Automatically Organize Payroll Cost Data by Benefits, Taxes, and More
  • Facilitated Rehiring of Previously-Terminated Workers – All Records are Kept Permanently on File
  • Hassle-Free Tax Updating: Change Employees’ Tax Status in Seconds Without the Need of “Firing” and “Rehiring” Them, as is Necessary with Competing Payroll Systems
  • Enter Payroll Information Online, by Email, Phone, Fax, or Through One of Our Time and Attendance Systems
  • Enable Your Managers to Log Work Time Only for Workers in Their Department
  • Evaluate Your Payroll by Running a Preprocess Before Your Payroll is Finalized
  • Receive Finalized Payroll Reports Electronically Moments After Submitting Payroll
  • Multiple Security Tiers Allows Employees to Document Their Payroll Hours Without Seeing Sensitive Information

We strive to deliver real value to all of our customers through our state-of-the-art payroll management systems which are simple to install, easy to use, powerful, and flexible enough to meet any company’s payroll needs. Our friendly payroll experts become a virtual extension to your in-house HR capabilities, helping to streamline your systems and saving your staff significant time, money, and hassle.


Saving You Time While Delivering Peace of Mind

Payroll and HR considerations affect every part of a company, and we understand that resources are limited for every business, from large, established organizations to startups and small businesses. That’s why we formed Pennsylvania Payroll: to support your existing HR personnel or assume their responsibilities entirely, saving your business time, manpower, and money. Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients’ unique needs and deliver the most value possible.

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What Pennsylvania
Payroll Does Not
Want You To Do

  • No paper timesheets
  • No manually entering into your GL
  • No schedules hung up on your wall
  • No keying in your 401k data to your provider
  • No paper time off request slips

Call us today at 570-366-5377 or contact us to learn more about us, the services we provide, and the ways in which we can save you money while making your business more effective.

Pennsylvania Payroll and Employer Services Solutions is an expert provider of payroll management, HR administration, and many other employer-related services to clients in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states with unmatched personal service and remote-operation capabilities