Tax-Credit Service

There are a wide range of tax credits available to businesses at the state and federal levels, many of which are not claimed each year as businesses don’t know they qualify or don’t feel they can handle the paperwork. But with tax-credit services from Pennsylvania Payroll, we will determine your tax-credit eligibilities and handle all of the associated paperwork and other requirements. Our goal, as always, is to take these considerations off of your plate, and manage your tax credits with expertise, passion, and attention-to-detail.

Our tax and accounting experts are highly experienced at assessing our clients’ tax statuses and eligibilities for various tax breaks, discounts, and credits. Once we establish your company’s tax situation and apply for your qualified tax credits, we turn to overseeing the entire process of receiving government approval to spare you the hassle. Under our guidance and management, our clients have received dozens of tax credits they’d previously not enjoyed, which has freed up thousands of dollars in capital for other investment.

Tax Credit Service was last modified: December 5th, 2014 by Pennsylvania Payroll and Employer Services