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Workers’ Comp Management Services

Workers’ compensation insurance provides payments for your employee’s medical, income, death, and rehabilitation benefits in the event they are injured or killed in the course of employment. At Pennsylvania Payroll, we take the guesswork out of your workers’ compensation insurance program, claims, and administration, saving time, hassle, and money. We even offer a “pay-as-you-go” workers’ comp plan which only requires you to pay for what you use, cutting down on large deposits, additional premiums, and balloon payments.

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Pay-as-You-Go Workers’ Comp from Pennsylvania Payroll Delivers These Advantages:

  • Elimination of Large, Up-Front Premium Deposits
  • Premiums are Based on Your Actual Payroll Figures, Not Projections a Year in Advance
  • Minimization of Possibility for Additional Premiums or Balloon Payments Upon Audit

Beyond the cost savings inherent to our pay-as-you-go workers’ comp program, we always strive to find the most cost-effective solutions to any company’s workers’ compensation challenges. In the event our pay-as-you-go program is not the best choice for your company, we can also accurately report all of your workers’ comp classification codes based on your payroll. No matter what your company’s workers’ comp insurance status or needs, we at Pennsylvania Payroll are here to serve all of your unique workers’ comp requirements with custom-tailored solutions.


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Payroll and HR considerations affect every part of a company, and we understand that resources are limited for every business, from large, established organizations to startups and small businesses. That’s why we formed Pennsylvania Payroll: to support your existing HR personnel or assume their responsibilities entirely, saving your business time, manpower, and money. Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients’ unique needs and deliver the most value possible.

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  • No paper timesheets
  • No manually entering into your GL
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  • No keying in your 401k data to your provider
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